ASML is a successful high-tech company headquartered in the Netherlands, which manufactures complex lithography machines that chip manufacturers use to produce integrated circuits. Every year, chips become faster, smaller, smarter and more energy-efficient, and breakthroughs in ASML’s research activities have played an important part in making it possible.

Revenue: EUR 6,8 billion
Number of employees: 17.000+



Behind ASML’s technological breakthroughs are engineers who think ahead. The people who work at ASML include some of the most creative minds in physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanical engineering, software engineering, and computer science. And, because ASML spends more than 800 million Euros per year on R&D, our people have the freedom and the resources to push the boundaries of known technology. They work in close-knit, multidisciplinary teams and each day they listen to, learn from and exchange ideas with each other.



With such a diverse technology culture, generous R&D budget, and a collective determination to create, develop and perfect entirely new technologies ASML represents the ideal environment for professional development and personal growth. On top of all that, ASML encourages and also invests intensively in its employees’ academic advancements – either via recognized professional study programs and/or via joint research initiatives with the region’s leading technical universities.



ASML works with an almost impossibly short time-to-market, driven by our customers’ competitive market conditions. It is precisely this technological race against the clock that makes working here so utterly fascinating. Cutting-edge precision engineering, dynamics, optics, electronics and information technology all come together in our company to develop systems which are more reliable, faster and more accurate than their predecessors in the shortest possible time.   
It is only our unusual development method, where a large number of development processes run in parallel that enables us to constantly meet the very ambitious demands set by the market and ourselves.

Interessante Studies

  • Electrical engineering (WO)
  • Werktuigbouwkunde (WO)
  • Lucht- en ruimtevaarttechniek (WO)
  • Natuurkunde (WO)
  • Technische natuurkunde (WO)
  • Technische wiskunde (WO)
  • Wiskunde (WO)
  • Computer science (WO)
  • Software science (WO)
  • Technische informatica (WO)
  • Elektrotechniek (HBO)
  • Werktuigbouwkunde (HBO)
  • Luchtvaart technologie (HBO)
  • Maritieme techniek (HBO)
  • Technische bedrijfskunde (HBO)
  • Technische informatica (HBO)
  • Technische natuurkunde (HBO)
  • Business & it (WO)
  • Econometrie (WO)
  • Maritieme techniek (WO)
  • Technische bedrijfskunde (WO)
  • Technische bestuurskunde (WO)

Profiel gewenste studenten

Aanbod voor Studenten

At ASML we fully recognize the need for technical talents. Not only does our own future as a high-tech company depend on it, but society as a whole needs to continue innovation.

That's why we offer students ample opportunity to meet ASML, do an internship or graduation at ASML or even apply for a scholarship.


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