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The Kraft Heinz Company is revolutionizing the food industry – we will be the most profitable food company powered by the most talented people with unwavering commitment to our communities, leading brands and highest product quality in every category in which we compete. As a global powerhouse, Kraft Heinz represents over $26 billion in revenue and is the 5th largest food and beverage company in the world. At Kraft Heinz, to be the BEST food company, growing a BETTER world is more than a dream – it is our GLOBAL VISION. To be the best, we want the best – best brands, best practices and, most importantly, the best people.

Jaaromzet: 12,3 billion dollars
Aantal werknemers: 38,000+
Aantal vestigingslanden: 40+
Aantal nieuwe werknemers per jaar (vanuit net afgestudeerden):


Tijdens het Techniek Bedrijven Evenement zal Kraft Heinz Company een case verzorgen. De titel van de case is "Case "Salad Cream""



Kraft Heinz Vision
At Kraft Heinz, to be the BEST food company, growing a BETTER world is more than a dream - it is our GLOBAL VISION. To be the best, we want the best - best brands, best practices and, most importantly, the best people. Like our passion for developing great foods, we are also dedicated to the development of great leaders.

The Kraft Heinz EMEA Trainee Program (ETP) is a highly competitive development program for candidates seeking an exciting leadership career with Kraft Heinz.

The Kraft Heinz Company culture can be best summarized in one word: Ownership. We think and act like owners of our business, treating every dollar as if it were our own. We recognize and reward outstanding performance at every level, in the true spirit of meritocracy. In 2014 alone, more than 1,000 employees were promoted as a result of their high performance and value creation.



It's a Question of Taste

Do more, be more.  Whatever your aspirations, experience something exceptional at Kraft Heinz.  We'll give you the freedom to determine your own direction and deliver in your own style.  Outperform our expectations and you'll move forward faster than you ever thought possible.  Come ready to dream. Come eager to grow.



We take informed risks, conquer challenges and make the world’s favorite foods.

In order to be the best you have to be bold. In order to be the best you have to be on top of your competition, always a step ahead. In order to be the best you have to look three steps ahead. This is what innovation stands for at Kraft Heinz. 

We drive innovation through our products. We create our products with reduced sugar; we create our products with reduced salt; but we do not create our products with a taste that is not 100% Kraft Heinz.

We drive innovation through our packaging solutions. We create more efficient, easier to use and more sustainable packaging solutions for our products. We do this not just to drive profits, but we do it to be the best and to grow a better world. 

We drive innovation through our people. We build talents, grow employees and create new, more efficient working processes that improve our performance in every way.



Growing a Better World

The Kraft Heinz Company Vision and culture also includes our commitment to Growing a Better World. As a global food company, the Kraft Heinz Company's ambition is to help end hunger worldwide. Through our signature Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, we are committed to distributing 57 million iron-fortified meal packages globally in 2015 alone.

We have implemented a universal process to achieve our sustainability goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, solid landfill waste and water consumption. From our 2015 baseline, we have pledged to achieve the following in our manufacturing facilities by 2020:
- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15%
- Reduce energy consumption by 15%
- Reduce water consumption by 15%
- Reduce solid waste sent to landfill by 15%

In our factories, our sustainability process drives decreased energy consumption by installing new technologies and more efficient equipment while optimizing business and manufacturing processes. Kraft Heinz also works with experts in the energy sector to assess facilities and identify potential energy-saving projects. The objective of these efforts is to identify and initiate opportunities to improve energy efficiency, which in turn can directly and indirectly help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We recognize that using less energy is not only better for the environment, it is smart business because it can help mitigate the financial impact of rising energy costs.

Every stage of our operations presents an opportunity to eliminate waste. We have been focused on finding ways to reduce, reuse or recycle to divert solid waste from landfills.

Water is a vital resource for all Company operations worldwide. It is needed to grow tomatoes and many other crops key to our business. It is a crucial resource for the manufacturing process. We have implemented water conservation measures and evaluations globally to protect one of our earth’s most precious resources. We conserve water across a wide range of actions extending from recycling water and installing new technologies to upgrading water treatment plants.

Kraft Heinz also recognizes that our growers and our manufacturing operations impact the plant and the consumption of water and energy. We encourage the adoption of drip irrigation, for example, in tomato growing because it delivers the precise amount of water the crop needs, when it needs it, where it needs it, thus minimizing irrigation waste.

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Profiel gewenste studenten

- University qualification equivalent to Upper Second-Class Degree in the UK, or a Master degree for Mainland
Europe or MEA.
- Graduated on or after 2019 from any discipline
- Max. working experience: 1 year after graduation
- Good knowledge of the English language
- Ability and willingness to relocate in EMEA
- Impressive extra-curricular’s
- Valid working rights for the EMEA countries are required

Aanbod voor Studenten

The Kraft Heinz EMEA Trainee Program:
- A 4.5-month journey offering a unique chance to broaden your overall knowledge of how a multifaceted, multinational food company operates.
- Designed for future leaders who seek a performance based culture that is built on meritocracy: ambitious, hardworking, passionate employees who deliver results will be rewarded.
- Provides trainees with business support and mentorship throughout the program.

Your journey at Kraft Heinz: 4.5-month EMEA Trainee Program:
- Functional Bootcamp (6 weeks)
 - Business Project (10 weeks)
 - Field Sales Bootcamp (1 week)
 - Leadership Bootcamp & Graduation (1 week)

- During a 6-week functional bootcamp across Europe you will get a hands-on induction into all the different functions to accrue the experiences you will need to be successful as a future leader within Kraft Heinz (Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, People & Performance, R&D and Manufacturing).
- This is followed by a real business project in one functional area. The project focuses on the development of key technical, business and leadership skills by completing high level assignments.
- After this bootcamp you start in Field Sales bootcamp in the UK, where you will learn everything about the importance of sales.
- After 4.5 months you will graduate and you will be placed into your first functional position.
- Your location will be defined together before the start of the program. Your first role will be determined during the first 4.5 months of the Program.
- Your career journey from that point forward is not governed by a set path and not limited to one function or tenure required in role.
- Promotions are given to those who deserve, based purely on meritocracy!


What we will deliver to you:
High Accountability – real autonomy
Real Meritocracy – the best succeed
Goal Setting – rigorous and aligned
Careers – promote from within
Winning – create a legacy of success

Our offer:

• Permanent contract at the start of the Trainee Program
• Intensive training and exposure to different Business Units
• Highly competitive benefits
• Rewards means different things to different people. At Kraft Heinz we like to offer an outstanding package, based on meritocracy. We take a brave approach to rewarding our people


Lydia Stolte
EMEA University Relations Lead
Kraft Heinz Company
Gustav Mahlerlaan 1228, 1081 LA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
+31682346110 (mobile)

Guinevere van Vloten Dissevelt
European Talent Acquisition
Kraft Heinz Company - Benelux
Gustav Mahlerlaan 1228, 1081LA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.